Rock your world with premium sound

A passion we have to share

We enjoy two things - luxury and damn good sound, and we find this in high-end audio, which regularly stirs our emotions and listening demands. We decided that we must share this extraordinarily powerful experience of a seemingly everyday thing - listening to music - with others. This is how the idea for VOIX was born.

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Fall in love at first sound

And perhaps also at first sight. We believe our unique audio showroom will seduce all your senses. Discover the best that world audio brands have to offer. Discover a new dimension of music.

Brands that write history

VOIX presents brands that radically change the entire hi-fi market, setting the direction in which it will evolve in the coming years. We have collected the most premium brands from around the world so that you can comfortably test, combine and buy them knowledgeably.

An experience for all the senses

“The sound of Ocean Way Audio has perfect localization, precise control across the spectrum, and incredible energy in bass, midrange and treble. All shots, explosions and subtle metal noises, like a gun magazine click, sound how we imagine they would sound in real life. Incredible.

Wilson Audio Sasha DAW speakers don't have realistic limits

„Wilson Audio Sasha DAW speakers don't have realistic limits. The dynamics, detail and space are so intense that after a minute, hour or a whole day of listening, you will still be sitting in your seat with an expression of incredulity on your face, absorbing the giant bursts of energy coming from the Sasha DAW speakers."

Daniel Březina, Hi-Fi Voice
Custom categories of lifestyle sound systems

 “Bang & Olufsen and BeoSound Shape define their own lifestyle sound system category. They offer very interesting, stylish sound distribution for your home or other space; sound that is fun, has energy, and can match any other wireless lifestyle system. ”

Daniel Březina, Hi-Fi Voice

A team with a clear vision

Professionally trained staff will guide you through six acoustically adjusted listening rooms, and he will be happy to provide consultation. We pride ourselves in long-term partnerships with our clients built on a shared passion for recorded music.

Let's meet in person

Meet our team

Jan Hanuš

Jan Hanuš

Retail Manager

Miroslav Mlčůch

Miroslav Mlčůch

Technical Director

Kateřina Trnková

Kateřina Trnková

Business Development Manager

Radek Krejčí

Radek Krejčí

Sales Specialist

Audio perfection

Enjoy high-quality audio in places where you listen to music the most: whether it's at home, in the office or on your home theater. We will acoustically customize and equip your interior and exterior spaces with top audio technology to suit their function and use.

Listen live

Sometimes words are not enough. We believe that you won’t realize the magic of high-end audio until you hear it live. And that is precisely the moment we want to offer you. Book a visit to our showroom for a listening using the reservation form.

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